interior of Havre de Grace eye doctor office

Treatment of Eye Diseases

Dr. Holloway and Dr. Shilts are highly trained in the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases ranging from red eye and lid styes to glaucoma and trauma. Many eye diseases have significant symptoms where patients know something is wrong. However, other potentially sight-threatening eye diseases can be silent or without symptoms. Clearly, routine eye care is important for its value in the early detection and prevention of eye disease.

Moreover, our doctors believe you need to play an active role in your treatment. Time is spent teaching you about your eye condition, from age-related cataract to dry eye syndrome. State of the art technology, including digital retinal photography and computerized visual field analysis, enhance diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Holloway and Dr. Shilts stay on the cutting edge of technology within the eye care industry by attending over 50 hours of continuing education lectures biannually.

When eye surgery becomes the best option for a patient, Holloway Eye Care & Optique has developed an excellent referral relationship with ophthalmologists who share our philosophy of care.

From thorough eye examinations to easy to understand explanations and preventive care advice, we are committed to continued excellence in eye care. Your eyesight is precious to you… and to us.