Red Eye

A Red Eye is a non-specific term used to describe an eye that appears red due to illness, injury, or some other condition. This can have many different causes.

One common cause of Red Eye is straining or coughing; leading to a sub-conjunctival hemorrhage (a bright red, bloody area on the eye.) Although this bloody area is shocking in appearance, it is a fairly common occurrence and only a minor cosmetic nuisance.

Another common cause of red eye is an infection, or conjunctivitis. This would be accompanied by discharge, pain, or vision problems. Inflammation can cause Red Eye as well, and may be painful.

Red eye is also caused by ocular allergies, and is often associated with itchiness. These allergies generally occur during the change of seasons. Other causes of Red Eye include: foreign body in the eye, Dry Eye Syndrome, or acute glaucoma.

Sometimes the red eye is of little concern, but is can also be the sign of something more severe. It is always best to seek the advice of your optometrist.

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